Klinik Access – Patient Information

We have changed our appointment system to make it easier to get in touch with us. This leaflet should answer any questions you may have about the new system.

1. What is Klinik Access?

Klinik Access is an online consultation service and appointment solution for GP practices. It makes it possible to contact a GP practice with a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet through the GP practice website. The service accelerates and streamlines the use of services and referral to treatment.

2. Where do I find the service?

You can find the service on your GP practice website.

3. Do I need any login or credentials for using the service? Do I need to register to be able to use the service?

Using the service does not require login or registration. We have chosen this approach to make the service quick and easy-to-use. The service uses a highly secure one-direction communications connection, which, according to the regulations, does not require strong authentication.

4. What kind of information do I have to provide when using the service?

To refer you to the right treatment smoothly, the service asks you to describe your query and symptoms and their location. Naturally, you need to provide your personal and contact details so that we can contact you regarding the next steps in your treatment process.

5. My relative/child cannot submit a contact request themselves. Can I submit it on their behalf?

Yes, the service allows acting on relatives’ or children’s behalf if they have given their permission for this (in case the child is under 10 years of age, no permission is required). If you are using the service on someone else’s behalf, remember to indicate this on the form under “Give your personal details” by ticking the box “I am using the service on someone else’s behalf” and filling in your details.

6. How do I know that the contact request I submitted has been delivered?

After submitting a contact request, you will receive an email notification regarding its delivery. If you do not receive this notification, contact your GP practice directly, e.g. by telephone. If you do not have an email address or have not given it in your request, you will not receive the confirmation message. However, if the system has shown the notification “Your request has been sent”, you can be sure that the message has been sent and then simply wait for the GP practice to contact you.

7. What if my problem requires immediate treatment? What kind of problems need to wait until the next day for contact to be made? How long will it take until the appointment?

The service also assesses urgency: if the symptoms entered indicate that the problem would need emergency care, you will be advised to contact 999. For routine queries we will aim to respond the same working day if submitted before 4pm or as per guidance on the platform.

8. I do not want to book an appointment but need care instructions. What to do?

You can still submit an online contact request. Follow the instructions provided by the service and your GP will contact you on the next working day at the latest. If medical professionals think that you do not need an appointment, you will be provided with self-care instructions as well as instructions regarding the symptoms.

9. How will I be contacted after I have sent a contact request?

We use traditional contact methods. In addition to calling by telephone, we will also use text messaging. Please add your mobile number to your request.

10. Can I also take care of other health-related matters through the service (prescription renewals, test result enquiries, etc.)?

You can take care of these matters, too, conveniently through the 24/7 online channel. In this case, choose the topic from the first part of the service form and answer the subsequent questions. If you are coming to an appointment due to a health problem and want to take care of other matters during it, you can mention them under “Other topics” on the service form. In this way, we can get prepared
for handling these matters at the same time and, if necessary, book a slightly longer appointment.

11. Can the service also be used with tablets and smartphones?

Yes, you can use the service with a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet through the GP practice website.

12. Who is responsible for the technical functionality and information security of the system?

The service and its information security have been developed by the health technology company Klinik Healthcare Solutions. The company is built on a foundation of medical and IT expertise. The service has already been in used in 400+ healthcare centres in UK, Finland, and Portugal.

13. Who can access the data?

Only authorised GP practice staff working in appointment operations can process the messages over a secure connection. The messages are allocated by surgery, that is: practice staff see only the messages of the patients of the surgery in question, not all the messages of the region.

14. Is my data saved somewhere?

Data is saved for potential later use according to information security regulations on highly secure servers, where it is practically impossible for outsiders to access the data.

15. I could not access the service with my desktop computer – what is wrong? The form looks odd and cannot really be read properly – what is wrong?

Your computer or Internet browser may be too old. Try updating your Internet browser to the latest version. If this does not help, you can try to use the service with a tablet or a smartphone. If this does not help either, you can contact the GP practice by telephone or by visiting.

16. What happens if the system crashes?

If the patient can fill in their query details, the system has not crashed. In other words, if the system has crashed, the contact channel is not available. In this case, contact your GP practice by telephone or other means. All messages are saved on encrypted servers and when the system is again up and running, they can be accessed again.

17. What should I do if the system does not work and I cannot submit a contact request?

In this case, contact our appointment service by telephone.

18. Where can I give feedback on the service?

You can give feedback after you have summitted your query details in the online contact form. We warmly welcome feedback as it allows us to develop the service further.