Important Information re: Reception Hours

Dear patients,

In response to some of the feedback we have had about the changes to reception hours please see some information that may be useful to you here:

  • Patient Access allows you to book several types of appointments such as Blood Tests, Smears, routine GP appointments and even urgent appointments from 8.30am for the next day. The app can be used 24/7 and an ideal way for those who work to book appointments without disrupting their normal working hours.
  • The majority of our face to face and telephone appointments with doctors are now available to book using the Ask NHS App. This app can also be used 24/7. You will be asked a series of questions to direct you to the most appropriate service. If appropriate you will be offered an urgent or routine, telephone or face to face appointment with a Marlow Medical Group GP.
    Please note you must register to use these apps so you can be provided with your own personal log in. This can be done via our website or by speaking to reception.
  • Receptionists on site will be answering incoming calls from 8.30am and remaining appointments that have not been pre-booked or booked online will be available for reception to book from this time, whether in person at the reception desk or over the phone.
    We are still offering the same amount of appointments but now offer the majority of them to be booked online. We have not reduced the number of clinics or appointments available but we have increased the access for patients to book them directly without having to contact reception.
  • The Rapid Access Clinic will continue to operate in the same way but you can now access some of these appointments, dedicated to minor illness and acute conditions for the first time online also.
  • Remember you can ‘Ask a Doctor a Question’ via our website 24/7 and you will have a response form a doctor within 2 working days (unless you have addressed your question to a specific doctor in which case the response will be dependent on the next time that doctor is working). You do not have to sign up to be able to use this service.

Many thanks.