Covid-19 Vaccination Status Update – 13 January 2021

Marlow Medical Group started our vaccination programme on 6 January 2021 from Adams Park vaccination site in High Wycombe alongside other local practices. Our aim is to provide regular updates via our website (under the news section) and Facebook page. We will also publish the same information on the larger Marlow Facebook pages: Marlow Life, My Marlow, Marlow Bottom and It’s a Marlow Thing. We appreciate that not all our patients have internet access so appreciate your help to communicate to relatives or friends without internet access. It is not practical to communicate by letter to our patients.

We will be running covid-19 vaccination clinics at Adams Park as often as we can dependent on availability of the vaccine. Although the NHS supply chain is working hard to support us all we often hear very late about potential delivery of vaccine which makes it harder to plan ahead. Sometimes deliveries are promised and then cancelled. This won’t always be the case and we know that there will be much more vaccine available over the next weeks and months.

We promise that as soon as we have any availability of vaccine we will invite you to receive it (in priority order as published by the government and Public Health England/JCVI) and do our utmost to administer it without delay. It is our absolute priority alongside continuing to provide your usual GP services to you.

We are waiting for confirmation of potential vaccine delivery this week and will issue invitations once we have firm confirmation. We appreciate your cooperation as we may be contacting you at short notice to receive your vaccine. We expect vaccine availability to improve significantly in the coming weeks.

The current national focus is on vaccinating Group 1 Care Home Residents and Group 2 over 80’s and Front Line NHS workers and as of 12 January 2021 we have received one initial box of Pfizer vaccine and one small box of the Oxford vaccine to be used in care homes. In our first run through our group of practices vaccinated 1136 patients from the over 80s age group over 2 days. Whilst we wait for another vaccine delivery we will be vaccinating across our care home residents and anticipate the majority of these will be completed by Friday 15th January. We assure you we are trying our best to obtain more vaccine as soon as possible.

Please do not worry if you have not yet been contacted. We will contact you all as and when vaccine is available in order of the Public Health England guidelines and we will make it clear during these status updates which group we are currently vaccinating.

Please do not contact us about vaccine deliveries as we want all our efforts to go into administering the vaccine and our normal services. Please don’t come to the surgery in person to enquire.

All patients to date have received the Pfizer vaccine which we now know is 90% effective upon receiving the first dose compared to AstraZeneca’s 70% effectiveness from dose one. Please remember that is it crucial that you receive TWO doses of each vaccine 12 weeks apart. You will be advised of the date of your follow up appointment at the time of receiving the first dose. Both vaccines currently on offer are effective -please take either that you are offered but have two doses of the SAME vaccine as they are not interchangeable.

It may be that you are contacted by letter to attend one of the other providers in the area administering the vaccine including mass vaccination centres and other locally contracted providers. Anyone can accept any legitimate vaccination offered. Please do beware of scams – covid-19 vaccines are always available to you free via the NHS. All vaccines administered are being added to NHS central records and through that process your medical records will ultimately be updated to confirm you have been vaccinated.

We know that many over 80’s are concerned about leaving their homes to have the vaccine. The Adams Park vaccine centre is Covid safe and we suggest you wear masks and keep your windows open a little whilst travelling. For those with transport difficulties we are working with the Marlow Patient Group to help organise transport. We will keep you posted via these updates when this is in place.