Care and Support Planning

We are changing the way we recall patients for reviews. We are now reviewing patients by their month of birth. If you have a long term chronic condition which is normally reviewed at the Practice please expect to be invited to book your review appointment in line with your birthday month.

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Under the new Primary Care Development Scheme we will be seeing patients with long-term conditions in our new Care and Support Planning Clinics. The chronic conditions which will be reviewed are: Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Asthma, chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD), chronic kidney disease (CKD), hypertension, dementia and heart failure. The old review systems have now ended and instead if you have one or more long-term condition you will be recalled for a review of all your long-term conditions in one clinic according to your birthday month. This may mean that your review takes place slightly earlier or many months later than your previous one. This is not cause to worry as this process is in hand and medically sound.

The Review Process

You will be invited to see a health care assistant to have your usual health checks and measurements taken i.e. blood tests, height and weight etc. The results will be plotted on a spreadsheet which will be reviewed by a doctor. You will be sent a copy of your results with an invitation to come back for a second appointment where you can discuss your results and raise any concerns, ask questions or discuss anything you are unsure about. You will be seen by the most appropriate clinician which will be either a doctor, specialist nurse, pharmacist, paramedic or health care assistant.

You will also be able to explore what support is available to help you manage your condition, including services such as Live Well Stay Well which offers practical support for a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the review appointment you will have created a plan with your health care professional about how best to manage your condition.

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