After hearing understandable complaints from our patients about excessive delays in reaching us by telephone, Marlow Medical Group invested in Klinik which is a completely new way to access the practice’s services and in line with NHS England’s promise to offer better digital access to patients.

Klinik enables our patients to get in touch with us at any time convenient to them and can be accessed via the ‘Contact us online 24/7’ banner on the Marlow Doctor’s website www.marlowdoctors.co.uk. Klinik can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Importantly, for those who can’t use digital medium for whatever reason, there always remains the option to telephone us and the Reception team will provide support in accessing our services. When more people go online to use Klinik the time of the Reception team is freed up to better support vulnerable patients and there is no advantage or disadvantage to anyone in contacting us via Klinik or by phone.

On the basis of information confidentially provided by the user, Klinik uses artificial intelligence to assign urgency to the query in a safe and consistent way and enquiries are then routed to the appropriate team within the surgery or advice to call 999 where necessary. It is possible to contact us any time in or out of hours about any number of queries from medication queries to requesting a fit note, as well as appointment requests. Klinik is integrated with Patient Access which enables registered patients to book appointments, request repeat medication and check their medical records for test results. We highly advocate our patients registering for Patient Access to get the best user experience. This can be done easily by completing our on-line registration form and providing the required identifications. www.marlowdoctors.co.uk/navigator/register-for-online-services/

If a query is not urgent we aim to respond within 48 hours, but urgent requests are usually handled the same day within our hours of operation. This is a big improvement prior to Klinik where our patients complained they had to wait up to two weeks to see a clinician. The clinician or admin member will be able to see all the details that have been entered and are in a more informed position to offer timely support.

Since implementing Klinik in November 2020 we have received the following patient ratings after using the system which show that 79% of our patients have given a positive rating which is really encouraging.

  • Excellent 35% 1138 Responses
  • Good 44% 1449 Responses
  • Poor 14% 474 Responses
  • Bad 7% 262 Responses

We really do appreciate that not all of our patients have on-line access. To reiterate, the goal is for our IT literate patients to use Klinik thus freeing up our Reception team to help our Patients who have difficulty with or no on-line access or simply feel too ill on a given day. These patients should continue to call the practice where our Reception team is ready to help take your information and submit a request on your behalf. Any information you give is completely confidential.

It is also possible to submit a Klinik request on another person’s behalf and we encourage family members or people who support elderly, vulnerable or disabled relatives to do that. This greatly helps during Covid times where most consultations are on the telephone and we know that some patients are not able to send requested photo’s etc.

We appreciate that change is hard and that some of our patients like the new system more than others. We are constantly reviewing your comments and continue to enhance our processes and work with the software designers to improve the user experience. As with all new systems the first couple of times of using are the hardest until you’re familiar with its layout.

The process of designing a user-friendly way to access our complex and numerous services online is extremely challenging and we, of course, want to make accessing services via Klinik as easy as possible for you. We have to work within the limits of the software as to how we can set it up but are more than happy to hear your feedback about how the ‘tiles’ that you see as the choices to select from are named and how we can change them to make this easier for you. Please do provide specific feedback and we will do our best to help.

Please use Klinik if you are able as this will, in time, prevent the long waits that people have experienced on our phone lines and allow a safer allocation of work. The artificial intelligence within Klinik is very accurate at assessing urgency of cases which is often really hard for our Reception team to do and often involves them trying to make allocation decisions outside their remit as a Receptionist. Using the system is safe, convenient (no waiting on the phone at 8am) and frees Reception up to help our patients who do not have on-line access or feel too ill to use it.