Foundation Doctor and Speciality Registrar Training

Foundation Training Programme and Vocational Training Scheme for General Practice

Marlow Medical Group is an approved training practice. To be approved as a training practice, Marlow Medical Group and its Trainers have to demonstrate that we meet a number of rigorous standards relating to patient safety, diversity of patient services, management and quality assurance of training, equality & diversity and the assessment, support and development of doctors. Both, the trainers as well as the practice itself are regularly visited and inspected by The School of General Practice, Oxford – part of NHS Health Education England (Thames Valley). Our trainers have undertaken the required courses to be accredited as trainers including post-graduate certificates in Medical Education.

Having met stringent requirements we are allowed train fully qualified doctors to either gain additional experience in General Practice as part of their training to become specialists in other medical specialties (Foundation Training Programme) or to train them to become GPs – specialists in General Practice and Family Medicine. This Windsor VTS.

We believe that our patients benefit in a number of ways from our training practice status:

  • A training practice is a provider of high quality clinical services suitable for training the future generation of GPs and other medical specialists.
  • Patients benefit from the improved access to services provided by the additional workforce provided through the training schemes.
  • Patients in the long run benefit from us contributing to the training and recruitment into General Practice: With the country being desperately short of qualified GPs able to meet the needs of our population we do our bit to help resolving the General Practice workforce crisis.

Dr Hendry is accredited to train doctors on the Foundation Training Programme (FT).
Drs Macdonald, Alberts and Kuetter are approved for both FT and VTS.
Dr Johnson is awaiting his final accreditation for FT and VTS.

As of January 2020, we employ the following fully qualified doctors as part of one of the accredited further training schemes:

  • Vocational Training Scheme for General Practice:
    Dr Saima Shah (f); Dr Daryl Perera (m); Dr Mark Jinks (m); Dr Jessica Anderson (f); Dr Ashrafi Siddique (f); Dr Joanne Kyte (f)
  • Foundation Training Programme:
    Dr Andrew Timms (m)

All our training doctors are each day supervised by a senior, experienced doctor. As a patient, you have the right to decline being seen by a training doctor. On occasions, you may be asked if a consultation may be videotaped to be used as part of the training doctor’s assessment and evaluation process and you have the right to decline this. Should you have any concerns about the training process, please contact Verity Bristow, Deputy Practice Manager.