Urgent Medication Requests

Medications where an urgent supply can be prescribed

Please note, due to demand we are only able to issue an urgent prescription for medications related to treatment and/or management of conditions such as Epilepsy, Allergies (ie Adrenaline Injectors), Mental Health, injectable Diabetic medication, anti-coagulants and End of Life medications. We may only be able to offer an urgent interim supply of the medication without a full review with a clinician to ensure patient safety. We will endeavour to have your prescription sent to your nominated Pharmacy by 5pm. All other requests for non-urgent medication will be subject to the standard 3 working day process for Repeat Prescription Requests as adequate time is needed for each request to be reviewed by a GP.

Please remember that your local Community Pharmacy, 111 or walk-in centres should be contacted if you run out of medication when the surgery is closed.

Help us to Help you

  • Have you nominated a Pharmacy for your prescription to be sent to electronically?
  • Have you signed up to Patient Access where you can order your repeat medication at any time of the day from wherever you are?
  • Have you checked we have your current e-mail address and mobile phone number?
  • Have you set yourself a reminder to order your medication a week before you run out?
  • Are you on more than one repeat medication that run out at different times? We can synchronise your medications by completing this form so all your medication can be requested at once.