Our patient system Klinik is available Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm.

It is not available during weekends and Bank Holidays. Your request will be triaged based on the symptoms you enter. We aim to confirm an appointment date and time for urgent symptoms within 48 hours. We aim to confirm a date for routine appointments within two weeks, which may be further in the future, depending

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NHS guidance states

Patients may pay for additional private healthcare while continuing to receive care from the NHS. However, in order to ensure that there is no risk of the NHS subsidising private care:

  • It should always be clear whether an individual procedure or treatment is privately funded or NHS funded.
  • Private and NHS care should be kept as clearly separate as possible.
  • The patient should bear the full costs of any private services. NHS resources should never be used to subsidise the use of private care.
  • The arrangements put in place to deliver additional private care should be designed to ensure as clear a separation as possible of funding, legal status, liability and accountability between NHS care and any private care that a patient receives.

Please be aware that following your private consultation, any recommended investigations (including blood tests) or treatment (including prescriptions) should be undertaken privately and should not be requested for your NHS GP to do.

Private Consultants can directly refer for NHS hospital investigations whereby they will retain the responsibility to review and action any result and are also able to organise onward NHS Consultant referrals if they feel warranted, with any direct referrals reducing any potential delay. It is not appropriate to ask your NHS GP to organise.