Our patient system Klinik is available Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm.

It is not available during weekends and Bank Holidays. Your request will be triaged based on the symptoms you enter. We aim to confirm an appointment date and time for urgent symptoms within 48 hours. We aim to confirm an appointment date and time for routine appointments within 48 hours. The appointment date for routine

Make, change or cancel an appointment with our online Klinik services.

How to order your medications

To improve the efficiency and accuracy of processing medication requests we will no longer accept these on paper, effective from 26 July 2021. Due to this method not being auditable, which is a safety concern, and also taking more time to process we have made the decision to join other practices who have already made this change.

The most efficient way to order your regular medication is using Patient Access (please allow 3 working days) or items that have not been added to our list of repeat medications can be requested using Klinik via our website (please allow 5 working days).

If you are unable to use online services please speak to your Pharmacy who can make a request on your behalf (please allow 5 working days).

More information can be found here https://www.marlowdoctors.co.uk/prescriptions-and-medications/prescriptions-and-medications-guide-and-faq/