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It is beneficial for the practice to have a recent blood pressure reading on your medical record.  Especially as you get older or have hypertension (high blood pressure).

There are a number of ways you can add a blood pressure reading to your medical record.

  1. If you have been invited for a long term condition review (LTC) use the link in your invite.
  2. By using the surgery self-check machine which is located next to reception.
  3. By submitting a reading on our website:  https://www.marlowdoctors.co.uk/your-record/keep-us-up-to-date/referral-for-further-care/blood-pressure-monitoring/

Home BP machine:

If you have your own blood pressure machine at home, please record 3-4 readings a few days beforehand.

Aim to record twice a day, morning and evening when you have been sitting/resting – this can be taken up to 3 times in one sitting if high (aiming for under 135/85). 

Please bring BOTH your machine and the readings with you on the day of your LTC appointment. We can then check that your machine is still in good working order and your home readings are much more reliable than a one-off blood pressure done at the surgery at the time.

An upper arm home blood pressure machine is easy to use and quite affordable these days. It costs about £20 either online or via the pharmacist. Please consider getting one if you do not have one yet.