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Prescriptions and Medications Guide and FAQ

Including how to order, timescales, medication reviews, emergencies and FAQ on how to overcome common prescription support issues

Help us to help you

Ordering of your medications is your responsibility and you should order with enough time for a prescription to be processed before you run out.

Have you set yourself a reminder to order your medication a week to 10 days before you run out?

Have you nominated a Pharmacy for your prescription to be sent to electronically?

Have you checked we have your current email address and mobile phone number? If not please click below.

Have you signed up to Patient Online Services where you can order your repeat medication at any time of the day from wherever you are?

Medication Types


  • These are you regular medications which you usually order monthly or bi-monthly. The prescriber has approved these medications for continued repeat usage. Reviews of these medications will usually be required annually. Your review date will appear on the NHS App or we will let you know when you need to book a review.

Variable Repeat:

  • The prescriber has approved these medications for continued repeat usage but the timescale when use is required is variable. Such as medical appliances.

Acute Medications:

  • These medications are all other medications that do not fit in the above two categories. They could be ‘one-off’ medications such as antibiotics or very occasionally used such as a cream. However, prescribers will not move a medication to your list of repeated medications unless strict prescribing protocols have been met. Any new or high risk medications where closer monitoring is required (eg. controlled medications) will be classed as Acute medications and therefore will not appear on your repeat list.
Support to better manage your medications

Electronic Repeat Dispensing

  • Certain medications can be reviewed annually and then the prescriber can issue a batch of repeated prescriptions for up to 12 months. Your prescriptions will then be kept at your nominated pharmacy and you can request directly from them. If you would like to request your medication in this way please submit a medication query via Klinik

Synchronising Medications

  • If you take regular medications which have to be requested at different times, we may be able to synchronise your medications so they are all due to be requested at the same time. If you would like us to do this for you please request via Klinik
How to Order Prescriptions

The most efficient way to order medications is online. This method minimises mistakes, is available 24/7, is faster and provides an audit trail. Registering for the NHS App allows you to order your repeat medication and keep track of when Medication Reviews are due. You can also use Klinik if you have not yet registered for online services or need to raise a query.

Once you have registered you can order your repeat medication below. Please allow 5 working days.

Other requests for medication can be submitted via Klinik following the below instructions. Please allow 5 working days:

  • Click the button below,
  • If you are a registered member of the surgery click the green Yes button,
  • Click the Medication Requests/Queries tile,
  • Choose either ‘Request a one of medication’ or ‘I want to request my monthly/bimonthly medication’ (if you take this medication every day),
  • Fill in the freetext box with your medication name, strength/dose and quantity.

Patients who are unable to use online services can now grant Proxy Access to a trusted person to order medications on their behalf. Please follow the link below and follow the instructions for Proxy Access. This is particularly helpful for elderly patients or patients who are unable to use online services.

If none of the above methods are suitable please ask your pharmacy to request your medications on your behalf. Please allow 5 working days for this.

Please note practice staff cannot take medication requests over the phone.

How long do prescription requests take and how much medication shall I receive?

Prescription Request MethodPolicy Approval Timescales
Prescriptions submitted via online services/NHS AppUp to 5 working days
Prescription submitted via website/KlinikUp to 5 working days
Prescription requested via PharmacyUp to 5 working days

The surgery will generally issue you with two months’ supply for regular repeat medications, apart from contraceptive pills and hormone replacement therapy which may have more issued.

Shorter supplies may be issued for various reasons such as new medications, short treatment courses or other clinical reasons. Please note a maximum of 3 months can be prescribed on NHS prescriptions as per national guidance.

If you require more than 2 months’ worth of medication then a maximum of 3 months’ can be requested. This request must be made detailing the reasons so the prescriber can consider your request. A separate request would need to be made each time this is required.

Where do I collect my prescription from?

If you have nominated a pharmacy then your prescription will be automatically be sent to them once it has been processed.

This however does not mean that the medication will be ready for you within the 5 working days as the pharmacy may need additional time to source stock. Best practice would be to allow a further 24 hours for your pharmacy to get your medication ready.

If you don’t have a nominated pharmacy, your prescription will be sent to the ‘NHS Spine’. This means you can go to any pharmacy and they will be able to pull this prescription down.

The pharmacy will need your NHS number in order to track the prescription.

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time. Note: if you have used the NHS Emergency service and requested your medication to be sent to a different pharmacy your nominated pharmacy will be overwritten. Please contact us to change it back to your normal nominated pharmacy afterwards.

In exceptional circumstances, we can post your prescription to you providing you attach a pre-paid self-addressed envelope to your prescription request. We will be unable to post a prescription without an envelope.

Medication Reviews – why do I need them?

The prescribing team at the Practice regularly review the medication you are taking as it keeps you safe and will request Medication Reviews as required. This may involve changes to your tablets and is in accordance with current Health Authority policies.

Please be reassured that this will not affect your treatment.

Typical reasons for medication reviews:

  • Repeat prescriptions are usually issued with 2 months’ supply unless guidelines dictate otherwise. New medication regimes will need to be reviewed more often than long-standing, stable medications. Some medications can be issued on Repeat Dispensing which can mean you will only need a review every 6/12 months
  • If a medication requires monitoring tests and they are overdue (eg, blood tests or blood pressure checks),
  • Your medication is out of sync and requires a review,
  • You have requested a medication that is not suitable to be issued without a review either because it was originally issued for a short treatment course or it has been a while since the medication was last prescribed,
  • Contraceptive pill checks.
Common Support Issues with Prescriptions

IssueReasons or Hints/Info How to avoidHow to overcome
My Prescription request has been rejected as being too earlyMake a diary note reminding you to make your next prescription request prior to your medication running outSubmit your request no more than 10 days ahead of running out of your medication
My prescription request has been rejected or my quantity has been reducedPay attention to any messages we send advising a medication review is due. Your next repeat prescription will not be dispensed until you have a review.
You have had 6 repeat prescriptions issued (reviews are typically required on the 6th issue).
If your medication requires monitoring tests and they are overdue (eg. blood tests or blood pressure checks.
Your medication is out of sync and requires a review.
You have requested a medication that is not suitable to be issued without a review either because it was originally issued for a short treatment course or it has been a while since the medication was last prescribed.
Your contraceptive pill check is overdue.
Book a requested medication review ASAP and in advance of your next prescription request
I have run out of medicationMake a diary note reminding you to make your next prescription request prior to your medication running outSubmit your prescription request ASAP.
Contact your local pharmacy or NHS 111 Emergency prescription service who can issue 1-5 days of emergency medication until your request has been approved.
I am unable to use online prescription servicesCan a trusted relatively or friend make requests on your behalf?
Can you use our simplified Medication Request forms on Klinik?
Ask your pharmacy to order on your behalf.
Grant proxy access to online services to a trusted person.
Ask your pharmacy to order on your behalf.
I have questions about my prescribed medication. I need to discuss with someone ASAPYou don’t necessarily need a GP appointmentContact your local pharmacist or our pharmacy team as they are often able to answer your questions
I am a newly registered patient and expected my previous repeat prescriptions would be availableRepeat prescriptions are not automatically setup as part of a medical record transferring from a previous practice and need to be requested and agreed with a MMG GP.Book medication review with a GP at the earliest opportunity and before your current medication runs out.
If a new patient requires medication urgently whilst awaiting a medication review or setup of online services then please complete the prescription request form.
I have not received notification my prescription has been approvedWe do not send messages. We will only notify you if we are unable to approve your prescription as requested.You can expect your prescription to be approved as per our approval policy (eg. 5 working days via online services, 5 working days via Klinik)
Pharmacy Issues
IssueReasons or Hints/Info How to AvoidHow to overcome
My prescription is not available at my nominated pharmacyHave you allowed enough time for your prescription to be approved (GP and pharmacist)5 working days (via online services eg. NHS App)
5 working days via Klinik
1-2 days for pharmacy to issue
My nominated pharmacy is not able to fully dispense my prescriptionYour pharmacy should issue you what they can and issue you an IOU for the remainder Liaise with the pharmacy to ensure that they can issue the remainder before you run out of medication
My nominated pharmacy does not have my medicationDiscuss with your pharmacy alternative sources. They should be able to check with other pharmacies in the area or advise online pharmacists who will stock your medicationAsk the pharmacist to return your prescription to the NHS Spine so an alternative pharmacy who has your medication can dispense it
My prescription is wrong (realised before collection)Explain to the pharmacist what is wrong. You may need to return if a new/revised prescription is required.As the Pharmacist to contact the practice to resolve
My prescription is wrong (realised after collection)Carefully check your prescription before leaving the pharmacyNo resolution. Drugs cannot be returned after collection.
Hospital/Referral Issues
IssueReasons or Hints/Info How to AvoidHow to overcome
A consultant I have been referred to has asked me to take some medication urgentlyThe consultant should issue you with a prescription during your consultationHave your urgent prescription dispensed at the hospital pharmacy
A have been given an outpatient prescription from the hospitalWe cannot take verbal instructions from patients we must receive written instructions from your consultantPlease hand these into reception who will pass it onto our pharmacy team to be approved as per our approval cycle
A consultant I have been referred to has made some changes to my medication or asked me to take some new medicationWe cannot take verbal instructions from patients, we must receive written instructions from your consultantAllow time for your consultant to write to us (up to 10 days) and for a prescription to be approved as per our approval cycle.
5 working days via online services (eg NHS App)
5 working days via Klinik
I have been discharged from hospital and require medication Ensure you have a written discharge letter explaining new/modified medications.
Take your list of current medications to hospital which helps them work out what you need.
Ensure the hospital pharmacy issues you 10 days of required medication on discharge.
The hospital will write to us with your discharge summary. 10 days medication supply enables us to receive your discharge summary and make required prescription changes.
You can give us a copy of your discharge letter and we will scan it to your medical record.
I have visited a private doctor and they have issued me with a private prescription, can this be issued as an NHS prescription?Private prescriptions cannot be issued at NHS ratesSubject to local guidance your private doctor needs to write to us asking to prescribe your medication as an NHS prescription
I am now clear on how I should order my contraceptive pillWhen the pill is first prescribed the clinician should make you aware of your pill review frequency (typically every 3 months, reducing to 6 months and then annually).
We will contact you if you have missed a pill review.
Repeat prescriptions are approved inline with the agreed pill review cycle.
Taking the example of a yearly cycle two repeats of 168 pills will be approved. The onus is on the patient to request the second 168 pill repeat before the last batch of contraceptive pills run out.
Ensure you have not missed any pill review messages otherwise submit a repeat prescription prior to your medication running out and as per our approval cycle.
5 working days via online services (eg NHS App)
5 working days via webform
I have gone on holiday and left my tablets at homeDouble check you have your required medications before leaving home.Go into a local pharmacy or ring 111. If you are abroad you will need to seek medical advice in the country you are visiting.
Urgent Prescription Requests

We are only able to issue an urgent prescription for medications related to treatment and/or management of conditions such as Epilepsy, Allergies (eg Adrenaline Injectors), Mental Health, injectable Diabetic medication, anti-coagulants, oral steroid tabs (for patients who are steroid dependent) and End of Life medications.

We may only be able to offer an urgent interim supply of the medication without a full review with a clinician to ensure patient safety.

We will endeavour to have your prescription sent to your nominated Pharmacy by 5pm. All other requests for non-urgent medication will be subject to our policy timescales for Repeat Prescriptions.

Our staff refer to a list of non-emergency drugs when patients request an urgent prescription, which is approved in line with NHS Guidances and our Partner doctors and utilise this to determine the urgency of prescription requests (eg. medications where it is important they are issued immediately and medications where it is safe to wait).

This approach works for the vast majority of late prescription requests.

Please make us aware of any special conditions so that we may consult with a GP otherwise it is seemed safe for you and wait for your prescription to be approved as per our policy timescales.

Many patients get upset with our Reception staff when they try to explain that it is safe to wait for a prescription to be approved. Please be understanding. MMG has a zero tolerance policy on staff abuse (verbally or physically) and such patients risk removal from the practice list.

Please remember that your local Community Pharmacy or 111 should be contacted if you run out of medication when the surgery is closed.

Emergency Medication Requests

If you forget to obtain a prescription for repeat medication and thus run out of important medicines, you may be able to get help from your Pharmacy. Under the Urgent Provision of Repeat Medication Service, Pharmacists may be able to supply you with a further cycle of a previously repeated medicine, without having to get a prescription from your GP

If you have run out of important medication, telephone your usual Pharmacy to check that they offer this service; if they don’t, they may either direct you to another Pharmacy who does provide it, or ask you to phone 111 where you can request details of a local Pharmacy that provides the service.

You must then take with you to the relevant Pharmacy: proof of both your identification and of your medication (for example, your repeat prescription list or the empty box which should have your details printed on it). Please note that controlled drugs and antibiotics are not provided through this service, you will need to ring 111 for these.

Alternatively you can contact the NHS 111 Emergency Prescription Service.

This is available 24/7. They can issue emergency medications (typically 1-5 days) whilst your prescription is fully approved. Please check the NHS 111 issued prescription carefully. Sometimes they issue a new prescription and sometimes they issue from the prescription quentity that is waiting to be approved. This is important for you to know so that you can work out when your next prepeat prescription should be ordered.

If you receive stoma products from your Pharmacy or other supplier and/or receive items such as continence products, please ensure you have sufficient supplies as you may encounter difficulties obtaining these over Bank Holidays, or when the Surgery is closed.

Prescription Deliveries

The practice is unable to run a prescription delivery service.

Volunteers ran prescription delivery services at the start of the COVID pandemic but these are no longer sustained.

Marlow Bottom Pharmacy provides delivery to patients requiring special assistance in their catchment area.

Boots Marlow offers one off deliveries for £5 or a subscription for a year which is just £55 and covers any delivery made within that time period.

Boots and Lloyds Echo offer chargeable online prescription deliveries.