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Self Referral Age-Related Hearing Loss Service for Bucks

Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire CCGs are continually working to improve hearing loss services for our population.

The age related hearing loss service is provided via an Any Qualified Provider (AQP) contract with a patient self-referral option and the provision of wax removal, in those who meet the criteria, prior to assessment or device fitting in the hearing service (and following self-management in line with current approaches).

The service is for patients aged 55 and over, experiencing hearing and communication difficulties, who feel they might benefit from a hearing assessment and rehabilitation including the option of trying hearing aids.

At the start of their pathway, patients should be made aware that they are expected to remain with their chosen provider for a minimum of 3 years. Continuation of the pathway after 3 years is at the patient’s discretion. All current AQPs (Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Outside Clinic, Royal Berkshire FT, Scrivens and Specsavers) will continue to provide the service, with the addition of one new provider (Audiological Science).

Full details of the providers and their clinic locations are included in the updated referral form and can be found here.