Booking Appointments Online

Once you have signed up to use our Online Services you will be sent a username and password with instructions on how to access your account. You can order your repeat prescriptions, access your medical records and book appointments online.

Please do not book online if you require a pill check, medication review, blood test or blood test form, blood pressure check, completion of an insurance form or a sick/fit note. If you require any of these services or are unsure if booking online is suitable for your need please ring reception on 01628 484 666.

Please note that if you book an appointment online that is unsuitable for a GP then your appointment will be rearranged. Also, if you do not give a reason for the appointment we will need to contact you prior to the appointment to ascertain the reason to ensure you will be seen by the appropriate clinician.

We also ask that you provide us with your mobile phone number so we can send you a reminder text for any appointments you have booked.

Please continue to book an appointment online here…