Together with the team of community midwives, we provide a full range of antenatal care services. Wycombe General Hospital provides a midwife-led birthing centre but those wishing to deliver in a fully staffed labour ward with access to epidural pain relief, emergency doctors and full hospital facilities will need to choose between Stoke Mandeville, Wexham Park, The Royal Berks or John Radcliffe Hospitals. The midwife will discuss these options with you.

Newly pregnant patients are asked to attend the surgery in the first instance and inform our staff on reception, who will then provide forms for completion. One of these forms will cover personal details; and the other also covers which hospital the patient would like to attend for their maternity care. These forms should be returned to reception as soon as possible, and you are welcome to fill them out in the surgery if you wish.

For most patients, the midwife will then collect this paperwork and contact the patient to make the necessary arrangements.

However, if a patient is planning to receive maternity care from a hospital within the Frimley Health NHS Trust (e.g. Wexham Park Hospital), they must return the completed forms to reception and then self-refer to the Frimley Maternity Department on 0118 322 8964.

After an initial booking interview, and discussion regarding screening options, the antenatal clinics normally run from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards at 4-8 weekly intervals at first, becoming more frequent in the final 8 weeks. A full ultrasound scan is performed at 20 weeks, and a birth plan is agreed toward the end of pregnancy. Those with co-existing medical problems or other risk factors are also referred for an obstetric opinion early on with a consultant.

Please note ANY bleeding or significant pain during pregnancy should be reported to the midwife or GP immediately.

Pre-pregnancy counselling is also available, and includes rationalisation of any medications, ensuring rubella immunity, advising regarding lifestyle, diet, risk factors, and taking folic acid.