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Pharmacy Team

Ellie Ward – MRPharmS, IPCert

Ellie has experience in community and practice pharmacy and she is able to provide a range of services to patients. She can provide advice on medications, side effects, and over-the-counter preparations. She is also able to give advice on a number of minor illnesses.
Ellie carries out planned mental health, blood pressure and chronic disease reviews and is available for both face-to-face and telephone consultations.

Kimberley Lailey – BTEC, NVQ3, ACT, MMT

Kimberley has experience in hospital and practice pharmacy, with time also spent in mental health, prison health and elderly rehabilitation and is therefore able to offer a range of skills and knowledge to patients. Kimberley can provide advice on medication, side effects and over-the-counter preparations. Kimberley is also able to reconcile and synchronise medication.
Kimberley looks after the monitoring of our Disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs) as well as our high risk drugs.
Kimberley carries out planned depression reviews both face-to-face and via telephone consultations.

As well as this we have a team of administrators who manage prescription requests and work closely with the Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician to support the wider practice team.