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Pharmacy Team

Ellie Ward – Practice Pharmacist MRPharmS, IPCert

Ellie has 5 years of primary care and prescribing experience and is working towards qualifying as an advanced clinic practitioner).

Ellie offers face-to-face and telephone appointments to review patients with long-term conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  She offers clinical medication reviews for patients with more complex medical conditions such as frailty, patients taking multiple medicines or women’s health problems.  Ellie also offers clinical expertise to colleagues in relation to medicines for example doses, side-effects and suitable alternatives.

Ellie leads the pharmacy team and works with clinicians to develop and oversee medicines management and optimisation services within the practice, supported by local and national guidance.  She also ensures the practice carries out quality improvement work such as clinical audits ensuring compliance to protocols, making clinicians aware of relevant prescribing updates and drug shortages, helping to maintain the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of prescribing within the practice.

Monika Wenderlich – Pharmacy Technician (NVQ Level 3)

Monika has 3.5 year’s experience in primary care and and previously worked in community pharmacy for 13 years).

Monika supports the Practice Pharmacist with a wide array of tasks, all crucial for ensuring the safe and efficient management of medications, in line with national and local guidelines.

From projects and audits to prescription reviews and patient education on how to take medications, side effects or interactions, this patient-centric approach promotes medication adherence and empowers patients to take an active role in managing their health.

Monika communicates with patients/carers and collaborates with Healthcare Providers including physicians, nurses, HCA, receptionists, community pharmacies to ensure comprehensive and coordinated patient care.

She helps with queries which may involve:

  • Setting up electronic repeat dispensing service (ERD) for a new patient as well as reviewing and re-authorising existing batch prescriptions
  • Requesting medication monitoring. eg. blood tests, ensuring safe medication prescribing and linking with a pharmacist when a clinical review is required.
  • Medication reconciliation, prescription synchronisation to ensure a smooth transition from Secondary to Primary Care
  • Answering medication/prescription queries within her expertise, e.g. helping with medication stock issues.

Primary Care Network (PCN) Pharmacists

These pharmacists work remotely and offer the practice additional capacity to offer pharmacist consultations, including some evening and weekend appointments.

PCN pharmacists are able to prescribe medications, conduct medication reviews (which are required for continued prescribing of repeat medications), synchronise medications so they can all be issued at the same time, deal with medication related queries such as side effects/alternative medications and advise whether medication is suitable for electronic repeat dispensing (eRD).

Lisa, Jennifer, Farah and GeorginaPharmacy Coordinators

Our Pharmacy Coordinators work as part of the practice pharmacy team. They support clinicians by processing and managing prescription requests from patients, pharmacies, and appliance contractors. They ensure that medication monitoring and reviews are up to date, prescriptions are issued in a timely manner, in line with practice policy, liaise with patients about prescription queries and generate prescriptions for approval by a prescribing clinician.