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Self Care

In the last few years the number of appointment requests has increased significantly.  We have responded by improving the number of consultations available with Doctors and Nurses.  Unfortunately we have found it increasingly difficult to satisfy all the requests for our services as rapidly as you and we would like.

A more detailed analysis suggests that a significant proportion of consultations with Doctors and Nurses are for minor and self-treating illnesses.

There is a large amount of information as to how these conditions might be managed effectively without reference to medical teams, available below and on the NHS Choices website.

In order for the Marlow Medical Group to be able to maintain a high level of service and accessibility for important medical problems we would be grateful if minor illnesses and conditions could be managed at home where possible.  Of course if straightforward treatments are not working over a reasonable time then we will be here to help you.

Please help us help you by managing minor illnesses at home – don’t forget your pharmacist can also help with many minor problems.
Self care booklets and tools: